Our workshop

st. 2 Kvesisskaya d.24 building 3



Our bags, backpacks and accessories are made in the factory or mill. We sew them by hand in a small workshop close to the center of Moscow. On manufacture only two people. We do not want to sew a lot and quickly. We are slowly working out the details and create a really nice quality stuff.

Backpacks and Bags for everyday use, leisure and travel are made of leather and natural fabrics. To the product is waterproof, do not get dirty and do not wear out, we use special impregnation developed a scientific research institute in Moscow.

In addition, we use technology and materials originally developed for the army — we give them a nice peaceful life. For example, cotton lace, from which the strap is made of the machine, after painting and waxing hand in our workshop is used as an elegant and very strong part.

Each bag or backpack Incognito — is the author’s work. However, this practical things, reliable and comfortable. We started to sew them for yourself and your friends, and now it’s time to expand horizons.

From what we sew


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